Future Cosmetics treatments and products are based on the core belief that
skin can be restored deeply yet delicately.

Our boutique cosmetics line is dedicated to restoring the skin’s radiance, and health through nature. All skin types can be nurtured back to their natural youth without resorting to abrasive and invasive methods.

Developed through a meticulous process that marries natural botanical remedies with the latest advancements in skin care, our products unwaveringly focus on the most important aspect of the skin – its health!

All of our products are made with top grade active ingredients that treat skin delicately while nourishing it deeply. They do not contain artificial perfumes, coloring, mineral oils, and are NEVER tested on animals.



Anita Bar Lev founded Future Cosmetics nearly 40 years ago and has since been developing skin care products and treatments that nurture the timeless beauty of naturally healthy skin.

In 1993 Anita launched the first Future Cosmetics product line – a boutique line of meticulously developed plant based skin care products that restore the skins vitality and radiance. Produced in small batches and made with all natural ingredients, the Future Cosmetics line is made with the highest level of quality and love.

Discover how out expertly developed cosmetics can invigorate, enhance, and restore your skins youth!



With small batch and limited distribution, Future is exclusive to one aesthetician, Yonat Zilberg, in the United States. She uses Future products in her treatments and skin care routines.

Yonat Zilberg is a leading aesthetician with over 25 years of experience in the field of natural skincare. She offers her clients a wealth of knowledge and only uses the top quality products. She specializes in repairing skin of every condition and age by helping restore its balance. With a long list of A-list celebrities and industry experts, Yonat Spa Boutique is nestled in a quaint bungalow that gives her clients the privacy and serenity they need.

Yonat: 818-906-7552