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La Grande Cream

Protects the cells to preserve their longevity for a regenerating effect

La Grande Crème targets all age-related phenomena. It acts on the expression of genes involved in the cutaneous aging process to promote genuine cellular regrowth. 

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Apply in the morning and/or evening to the cleansed skin of entire face, neck and décolleté. Massage in using upward strokes.

Regenerating agents: EpigenActiv©, Milk Thistle Extract, Mimosa Extract. Structuring agent: Peony Extract. Firming agents: Complex of Elderflower, Chestnut Tree, and Myrobalan Leaf Extracts. Anti-Wrinkle agents: Complex of Matrikines, Myorelaxant Peptides, and Carcinine. Anti-Spot agents: White Tea Extract, Watercress Sprout Extract, and Soy-Based Pure Genistein. Protective agents: Oligosaccharides, Pichia Anomala Extract, Wasabi Extract, Grape Juice Extract (enriched with δ-Viniferin).

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