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Reparation U.V.

A soothing, repairing and moisturizing after-sun treatment that regenerates the skin after sun exposure

A complex treatment formula rich in active ingredients to soothe and regenerate the skin following exposure while slowing down the signs of aging. After sun exposure, skin can be subject to an inflammatory reaction, redden, swell and become painful. The cells of the epidermis go into apoptosis, die off rapidly and get removed by desquamation. Burned skin becomes more sensitive to the sun since the UVB rays alter the DNA of the cells of the epidermis. The skin thus needs to be soothed after prolonged sun exposure. During exposure to UVAs (which represent 98% of UV rays on the Earth’s surface), free radicals can also be formed, which modify the DNA of the cells of the dermis, altering collagen and elastin fibers. The glycation, in which these fibers become rigid and lose their visco-elastic properties, causes the appearance of wrinkles or the intensification of wrinkles that are already present. This phenomenon, which results from a reaction between the skin’s proteins (collagen and elastin) and sugars, thus accelerates skin aging. Carnosine, which is found in the Réparation U.V., takes the place of the protein and reacts with sugar so that the collagen and elastin fibers are protected. 

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Apply to the entire face, neck and décolleté after the exposure to the sun. Massage gently until the product is fully absorbed.

Repairing and soothing agents: Polysaccharides rich in Rhamnose, Kudzu Extract, Amino Acid Complex. Hydrating agents: Hydrating Sugar Derivatives Anti-free radical agents: Mimosa Extract, White Tea Extract Antiglycation agents: Carnosine, Polyphenols derived from Milk Thistle and Tocopherol Relipidating agent: Pichia Anomala Extract.

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