Dry Skin? Discover Hydrating Body Creams

Cold air outside and central heat indoors strips moisture from skin, making it rough and itchy with dryness and sensitivity. The below products are essential to keep your body healthy and hydrated during winter. 

Emulsion Originelle Regenerante Corps


This cream is packed with Brazil nut oil, hyaluronic action and colostrum to moisturize, and vitamin E and F to protect and restore the skin. This nourishing body cream reconditions the skin by improving elasticity, softness, and vitality, while promoting cellular renewal. A must have!

Creme Dermo RL Corps

This creme is loaded with black currant butter, raspberry seed oil, hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides. This body cream focuses on reconditioning and deeply moisturizing the skin. Its buttery formula leaves the skin protected against climate aggressions and water loss. The perfect product for winter!

Emulsion Renovatrice Mains

This product is infused with cumaru oil and cotton seed oil to promote the lipid synthesis and increase water content. This rejuvenating hand cream immediately regenerates, restructures, and reconditions tired and dry hands. A classic!


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