Ballancer Pro

This FDA-approves system works to support the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid. It is a pleasant, gentle, relaxing massage that supports body health by supporting the lymphatic drainage system. The lymphatic system has a significant impact on body health – and shape. The system is a groundbreaking approach to a healthier, trimmer body. It involves two specially manufactured garments - a jacket and pants (used separately) that produce a wave-like massage to help the body release toxins and fluids.

Amazing results are achieved in just one session! The treatment is pleasant to experience, with no downtime, you can continue your day as normal. Our clients report that they feel energized after the treatment is complete, yet have a restful night of sleep. Do it alone or add it to any Skin Care Treatment and you will feel light and rejuvenated.  Ideal to wear comfortable clothing & socks.

Duplicates the Action of Massage Effective Lymphatic Drainage Body Shaping and Profiling Slimming and Detoxifying Relieves Leg Pain and Swelling Provides Immediate Comfort Cellulite & Orange Peel Contro.