Healthy Winter Skin with Biologique Recherche

This season, we focus on the importance of repairing and regenerating your skin during colder months. Here is our selection of our Winter Favorites to up your glow game! 

Revitalize with Sérum 3R

Designed for devitalized and mature Skin Instants, Sérum 3R renews, regenerates, and repairs the skin. Thanks fo the hydrolipidic film reconditioning agents, it is ideal for the season. 


Nourish with Crème Dermo-RL

Crème Dermo-RL is your secret weapon to right Winter dryness. Loaded with blackcurrant butter, omega 3 & 6, hyaluronic acid, and glycoproteins, it intensely nourishes the skin. 


Regenerate with Crème Masque Vernix

Use Crème Masque Vernix at night for the best of skin regeneration. This healing product leaves your skin conditionined, nourished, and protected. 


Replenish with Sérum T.E.W.L

No more moisture-loss thanks to oil-based Sérum T.E.W.L. Mix it into or apply after your creams - it creates a lipid shield for dry and dehydrated Skin Instants. 

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