Your Toning Regimen for Spring

Spring has sprung and it's time to transition your skincare regimen from cold and dry weather to the warm weather of spring. Spring is known as the kindest and easiest time of year for the skin, which means focusing on less intensive objectives for your skin such as toning, lifting, and glowing skin. Discover the best products below:  

Lait VIP 02


New and fresh skin starts with the right cleanser. Choose a brightening and oxygenating product such as Lait VIP O2 to get rid of dullness. Apply morning and night to bring your skin back to life. 


Lotion P50V

Second step? Exfoliate with the iconic Lotion P50 V. This version is ideal to revive skin in Spring since it was formulated especially for devitalized and/ or less toned Skin Instants©


Serum Elastine 


Smooth fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating your skin thanks to Sérum Elastine. This nourishing treatment not only restores and improves skin’s elasticity but also protects against photo-aging and helps with fine lines around the eyes.


Serum A-Glyca


Bring radiance back with Sérum A-Glyca. This Innovative serum stops and rewinds the glycation process. Its preventative and curative action against glycation visibly soothes signs of aging and fatigue.


Serum VG Tensil 


This product is a true face lift in a bottle, Sérum VG Tensil features a unique formula instilled with hazelnut oligopeptides to restructure and lift the jaw line. It delivers immediate results to reshape and firm the face. 


Serum 3R

Sérum 3R focuses on primary aging effects such as wrinkles, lack of firmness and loss of radiance. Packed with exfoliating acids, antioxidants and oligosaccharides, it leaves your skin strengthened, brightened and hydrated.

Serum Matriciel Visage

Achieve supple, tight, plumped and structured skin with Serum Matriciel Visage. Enhanced with glycoproteins, peptides and hyaluronic acid, it addresses the gradual collapse of the face and restores structure.

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