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Solution Démaquillante Pour Les Yeux

Biologique Recherche

Solution Démaquillante Pour Les Yeux - 3.4 fl. oz.

Gently removes make-up from the eye area.

A refreshing and tightening eye cleanser which will remove the most resistant of mascaras, whilst smoothing the skin around the eyes. Its unique multi-phase formula combines micellar fluid for its high tolerance, and an oily phase for its efficiency. It fully respects the delicate, sensitive eye area, leaving it clean and non-greasy.

Note: Sulfate-free

How to use: Shake the bottle before use. Soak a cotton pad with Solution Démaquillante pour les Yeux and gently dab the eye-lids to remove make-up. Allow the lotion to act for a few seconds. Finish removing eye makeup by wiping from the inside corner to the outer edge of the eyelid.

Type: Skin Care

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