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Fluide VIP O₂

Reduces signs of fatigue, brightens the complexion and leaves the skin smoother and visibly more beautiful

Fluide Vip O2 Finishing Serum is an oxygenating serum that helps protect skin from external pollutants throughout the day. This skin protectant uses silk extracts and VIP 02 Oxygenating Complex which secures oxygen to the skin’s surface in order to stimulate the epidermis and restore health.

An oxygen skin care product such as this gives skin a lighter, brighter glowing complexion. Also prevents bags under the eyes and gently firms the sensitive skin under the eye area. It is excellent for use over or under makeup to create a smooth, soft, flawless finish.

Biologique Recherche Fluide Vip O2 Finishing Serum is good for all skin types. Active ingredients include soy protein, Biologique Recherche’s exclusive oxygenating complex, lactic acid, and tepezcohuite. 

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Apply a few drops of Fluid VIP O2 to the eye area, and all over the face, neck, and cleavage in the morning and/or in the evening. This product is one of the final touches in the Biologique Recherche beauty treatment program.

Oxygenating and smoothing agent: Specific BR Oxygenating Complex. Revitalising and regenerating agents: Tepescohuite Extract, Witch Hazel Extract. Moisturising and antioxidant agent: Silk Extract. Soothing and reconditioning agents: Phospholipids.

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